Tim has been a rising star PhD student at UC Berkeley working at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and digital fabrication techniques, and his work has been published in some of the most prestigious HCI conference venues. True to his passions, Tim’s research always focused on empowering others to learn, share, celebrate, and participate in the inventive spirit of making and computation. He pioneered some incredibly innovative wearable tools for activity recognition in workshop settings to enable what he called Digital Apprenticeship, fluid-based interfaces , and created some of the first ever passive electrical components using conductive multi-material 3D printing techniques. Moreover, he was a generous collaborator — readily reaching out to work with others here at UC Berkeley and at Autodesk where he also spent time pushing forward his research agenda.

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Braille thumb Braille Actuation Device (2012)

Hydrosense sensor HydroSense (2012)